17 November 2016 / Mircea Toma /

To me, if you say the Beatles, it’s like saying Jesus Christ to a good Christian. Do you thus realize as Christians that we experienced when we found out that the wife of Jesus stepped with her celestial foot on our country. Obviously I’m not talking about any of the great Son, but Olivia Harrison, George’s wife – a member of The Beatles and also one of the pop-rock deity alongside John, Paul and Ringo. The supernatural, unbelievable and fantastic phenomenon has happened in the early 90s, when the rock myths still have not reached us. Then, immediately after the famous revolution, Romania became again famous because the pictures with children in orphanages. Mrs. Harrison was shocked by the images she saw on television and quickly boarded on a plane and visited some of the camps for the Romanian children extermination (not exaggerating, see press of that time). Trembled and shocked by what she discovered, Olivia convinced the wives of the other three Beatles – Barbara, Linda and Yoko – to establish a foundation for institutionalized children in Romania: Romanian Angel Appeal. They raised from the beginning, one million pounds.

Olivia then caught George – who was on tour – on the phone one evening and told about the tragedy of Romanian children and asked him to compose a song for them. George complied the same night but didn’t  stop there: invited some other friends (Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Bee Gees, Van Morrison, Billy Idol, Paul Simon, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Guns’n’Roses and several other friends of these) to donate one song. Of their contributions was born the album named Nobody’s Child: Romanian Angel Appeal – album whereof we found out this fall, when the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation celebrated at Hard Rock Cafe, 25 years of existence: for its first 9 years of existence the organization has worked thanks to rock music (Nobody’s child brought in Romania for institutionalized children and also for HIV positive children, two million pounds). George is no longer alive, he entered in the gallery of saints, but those who were at the Hard Rock Cafe last month, had the unique opportunity to be greeted by Olivia, the person who descended from heaven to save our children from hell.

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