The project launched in June 2011 and finalized in May 2014, had as its general objective the prevention of TB among people living with HIV / AIDS and injecting drug users in the partner countries. Strategic goals include increasing the capacity of the public health system and civil society and improving collaboration between different stakeholders in the fight against TB.

Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation is an associate partner in this project, along with 5 other organizations in Bulgaria, Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania and Finland. The partnership is the leader of the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD) in Estonia.

The project has five collaborating partners – organizations and institutions from Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia , Russia and Ukraine.

Activities and Results

Coordination of information and awareness about tuberculosis: production printing and distributing informational materials about tuberculosis – 300 brochures, leaflets and 500 posters 10,000.
Study the situation of TB among drug users in Romania : qualitative and quantitative research among drug users and providers of services for injecting drug users .
Conducting training sessions for staff of institutions and organizations on preventing TB among vulnerable groups: an international course organized in Romania for 32 participants from the partner countries , an internship program in Romania for seven participants from partner countries , two national courses for staff of institutions and organizations that provide services to vulnerable groups.
Also, 12 specialists from Romania participated in international courses and internship programs organized in partner countries (Latvia, Estonia 2012 and 2013).

Participation in international meetings and study visits: organizing international meeting and study visit in Romania for 43 participants, participation in international meetings and study visits organized in Finland (2012 ), Estonia (2012 ), Bulgaria (2013 ) and Latvia ( 2013).

Research of relevant documents regarding the status of TB among vulnerable groups in the project partner countries.

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