“Summer up! Exceeding Barriers!” is the project through which the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation participates this year, through the three swimmers teams to Swimathon. It’s about a support camp for parents, siblings and children with autism! 

As a response to support, counseling and respiration needs, increasingly expressed by the families of autistic children, RAA has introduced a new concept from 2015 into its activities: respiring camps for families with children with autism.

Until this year, we organized 4 such camps and 40 families across the country (59 adults and 61 children) have joined the project. This year, by participating to Swimathon, we plan to continue the project for 10 more families. Summer up! Proposes an innovative camp concept centered on the needs of the whole family, providing activities appropriate to children with autism, brothers and sisters and also parents. The camp is also a learning experience for selected volunteers to work with children during the 5 days.

The benefits of participation in the camp are multiple: for autistic children, the camps contribute to incidental learning and socialization, for typical brothers and sisters of children with autism the camps have the role of relaxation, valorizing their own potential, and for parents camps provide the opportunity for psychological counseling and help through support groups or informal discussions, with a role in mitigating the effects of stress and anxiety.

In addition to the camp organized between August and September 2017, psychological counseling sessions for 10 families (especially single mothers) will be offered within the project.


What is Swimathon?

Swimathon București is a mechanism by which the community meets, interacts and engages to raise funds for the projects that they consider relevant. Organizations or initiative clusters lists causes from the local community, companies and swimmers choose what they’re getting involved with and supporters donate for each length of pool swam by their favorites.

Through sporting fundraising events such as Swimathon Bucharest or other events bringing the community together, the Bucharest Community Foundation offers an attractive and relaxing environment to promote and support initiatives from the local community.


Care sunt echipele de fundraiseri- înotători?

Caleidoscop (Andreea Știrbu, Cristian Porțan, Gabi Jderu, Costin Băltășescu, Fidelie Kalambayi)

Regardless of age, from time to time we need to take a break and start playing. This is how we gather energy for the less sunny days of life. This year we swim for 10 families affected by autism to have colorful experiences of friendship and compassion in the camp organized by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation.


Swimming Angels (Sonia Tarpan, Maria Kehaiyan, Kaan Muraru, Rebecca Neagu, Horia Pavel)

We are Sonia, Maria, Kaan, Rebecca and Horia. We have 10 and 11 years, we like to swim, to move and play. Whenever we have the opportunity, we try to help. We want to raise money for 10 children with autism and their families to go to camp and enjoy outdoor activities organized by volunteers.


Good Heroes (Laura Georgescu, Vlad Anghel, Paul Călin, Rodica Pop, Popa Alex)


We, Laura, Rodica, Alex, Paul and Vlad have decided to swim for young people diagnosed with TSA to have the chance to go to the camp and enjoy together with their family for a few days without the pressure of therapy, speech therapy and the other recovery activities. It’s fun in the camp and we’d love these kids to feel what we felt in the camp when we were kids!


How can you get involved?

The main way you can help us is  to become the promoter of the project and donate to a swimmer, a team or directly for the project!

You can also help tracking the campaign and distributing the materials and stories, inviting your friends to read and learn about the project and then encourage them to donate; You can participate in our fundraising events and you can come to support the teams on the day of the event.

The fundraising campaign runs from 8 June to 31 July!

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