The Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation joins the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Today we start a campaign to raise funds for providing hospitals in Romania with protective equipment and supplies. Also, our support will go to the NGOs who work with vulnerable groups.


There will be a huge need for protective equipment for the medical staff from the infectious diseases wards, ICU, pulmonology but also for those who help other categories of patients that need to be monitored and assisted periodically. There will come a time when patients with various conditions treated at home or in the outpatient setting will need to go to the dispensary and to the closed circuit pharmacies for specialized consultation and to pick up their medicines. They will also need masks and other medical supplies.

The Ministry of Health has increased the budget, the procurement has already been made, materials and equipment will arrive in the country. But we are only at the beginning. The need will be greater than what the Romanian Government can offer. The war against the virus is long and enduring. These stocks will end; it will be increasingly difficult to get hold of others quickly. No breach of minutes, hours, days should be allowed in the protection of medical staff and patients. As many similar campaigns run in parallel with ours, no further effort is to be neglected! The more, the better!

Our call to action is especially towards companies and people who know us and trust us. During the 30 years of activity, we set up a network of HIV / AIDS day-care units within the hospitals of infectious diseases, we provided the network of TB laboratories with equipment and supplies, we bought TB drugs for almost 2.000 patients with MDR TB (multi-drug resistant tuberculosis) we built a new hospital pavilion for MDR TB and many, many more. Please contribute as much as you can. The accounts in which you can donate are:

IBAN LEI RO27BRDE441SV31762724410

IBAN EURO RO35BRDE441SV31765474410

BRD Bank GSG Călărași Avenue Agency

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