The project “They should have a chance too! – supporting Program for social and professional integration of people with autism spectrum disorder” was to create a favorable environment that contributes to increased chances of social integration of children and youth with ASD through early diagnosis and access to services, recovery programs and specialized assistance .
The project achieved an important step in improving the lives of people with autism in Romania by increasing the number of physicians trained in early detection of the disorder autism spectrum, increasing the number of specialized therapeutic interventions , developing a national network of free services for people with ASD , increase information and public awareness and developing a national strategy on social integration of persons with autism.

As a follow-up of the program:

  • 628 profesionals (psychologists and resource teachers) have been trained in therapeutic interventions for people with autism.
  • 1,240 family doctors and pediatricians are enrolled in online courses for early detection, including 400 doctors have already completed.
  • 40 centers for counseling and assistance for people with autism and their families were opened in 35 counties and in Bucharest to offer free services.
  • 332 people with autism benefited already from services within the centers until the end July 2013
  • 2 national informing and awareness campaigns have been reeled off, which reached 8.154.000 unique individuals, from the general public, respective 35.715 caregivers of people with autism.
  • It has been developed, in collaboration with competent authorities and partners from non-governmental environment , the National Strategy project regarding social and profesional integration of people with autism.

What’s going on next?

Those 40 assistance centers for people with autism will keep offering services, and Romanian Angel Appeal is already preparing new projects that regard the centers development and their services.

The family doctors and pediatricians training will continue, the e-learning platform which offers training accredited by Doctors’ college from Romania, remaining active and after losing the project.

They will also continue national information and advocacy campaigns on the rights of persons with autism.

We propose that through the projects Romanian Angel Appeal will take place in the future, the emphasis will be placed on educational integration of people with autism.

The Project “They should have a chance!” had a duration of three years , it was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Family, and Social Protection – Department for Child Protection and the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Romania and it was co-financed from the European Social Fund Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013 .

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