According to the Collaboration Protocol concluded today between the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation and the Ministry of Health, the Romanian State will benefit, in the coming period, by technical support from a team of experts in order to revise the legislation and policies in the field of tuberculosis control. The role of these changes is to support the activities and interventions hitherto carried out through international support.

We hope that this will guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of people affected by TB and TB-HIV and the access of vulnerable groups to prevention, early diagnosis, quality treatment and support services to increase adherence to treatment.

The Ministry will initiate the procedures related to the reform of the outpatient care system for patients diagnosed with TB and the transition to sustainability of the interventions funded from international funds. The activities planned to be carried out by The Ministry of Health include:

  • Taking legal / legislative, financial and inter-institutional steps to adequately fund activities and interventions to control TB and HIV / AIDS, in accordance with the obligations assumed under national law and international standards;
  • Revise the legal framework for the procurement of all anti-TB drugs needed for the treatment of patients diagnosed with MDR / XDR-TB, in line with World Health Organization recommendations;
  • Strengthening the care and support services in order to maintain the adherence to treatment of the patients diagnosed TB, treated in ambulatory services;
  • Developing / reviewing the policies on contracting services provided by non-governmental organizations in the field of HIV / AIDS and TB prevention and control;
  • Development and endorsment of the National HIV / AIDS Strategic Plan, including action lines, activities and interventions specific to HIV / TB prevention among vulnerable groups.

The Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation is implementing the ROU-T-RAA Grant in Romania as Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The goal of the Grant is to help reduce the incidence and mortality of tuberculosis in Romania by improving high impact interventions (diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention), with a special focus on affected populations, through the following objectives:

  • To ensure early and quality diagnosis and capacity building of TB laboratories;
  • To implement patient-centered interventions in 6 counties with high TB incidence in Romania;
  • To improve treatment outcome for patients diagnosed with MDR / XDR-TB by providing complete and continuous therapeutic regimens and support services to increase adherence to treatment;
  • To continue outreach interventions (including through mobile units) among vulnerable populations, for HIV / AIDS and TB prevention and diagnosis, and referral to treatment and care services;
  • To strengthen the national legal framework for regulating tuberculosis control in Romania.

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