All different, all equal in Romanian schools

Working together for an inclusive Europe

All different, all equal in Romanian schools is a project in which we carry out training activities for mainstream schools in Romania to effectively manage the difficult situations that may arise in working with children from vulnerable groups.

The aim of the project “All different, all equal in Romanian schools” is to create a network of multipliers at national level, that will apply effective principles and methods that will contribute to increasing the capacity of general schools to provide a quality educational process for all children, regardless of the degree of impairment of their functionality and, to create a climate of trust and collaboration, promoting diversity, respect for human rights and in general, increasing the quality of life.

The project is carried out by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation (RAA) between April 2021 – September 2023 and benefits from a funding of 221,276 euros through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014 -2021. The content of this page does not necessarily represent the official position of the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit . Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at

O1. Creating a nationwide active multistakeholder network of at least 176 multiplier experts that will develop the capacity of mainstream schools to provide quality inclusive educational programs for all children, promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

O2. Creating and promoting to at least 2500 specialists in education and at least 100 schools an intervention model dedicated to professionals in mainstream schools, in order to increase the capacity of mainstream schools to manage and promote diversity and children’s rights, and their appropriate adaptation to the special educational needs of children.

O3. Involvement of at least 90 specialists in education and at least 2700 students in the awareness campaign “A school for all its students”, in order to increase the integration of all children in school, to combat bullying and discrimination, to celebrate diversity.

– Elaboration of two reports that will be the basis of interventions in schools: a report on the violation of children’s rights in mainstream schools and a report of good practices in addressing diversity in school, in Romania and at European level.
– Training of the network of trainers in the field of inclusion: following the graduation of the TOT program (Trainer of trainers), the members of the newly formed network will develop a Guide to diversity and differentiation in teaching that will propose an intervention model to support equal opportunities, diversity and differentiated teaching.
– Training of a number of 160 teachers in the field of diversity and differentiation in teaching.
– Organizing multiplication events in the mass schools from which the previously trained teachers come, in order to promote messages of acceptance of diversity and identification solutions regarding differentiated teaching.
By the end of the project, at least 90 mainstream schools will join the initiative and run awareness campaigns, adopting the Diversity Charter, a document that summarizes the principles and working methods of an inclusive functional school. If you want to join the project, more details are available on the FB page: and at the phone number 0770 560 741 (Oana Pășălan, Project Coordinator).



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The Active Citizens Fund Romania program is funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The overall objective of the Grants is to reduce economic and social disparities and to strengthen bilateral relations between the 15 beneficiary states and the donor states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway). The program is administered by the consortium of the Foundation for Civil Society Development, the Partnership Foundation, the Resource Center for Roma Communities, the PACT Foundation and Frivillighet Norge, which acts as the Fund Operator designated by the FMO - EEA Grants Office and Norwegians. Active Citizens Fund Romania aims to strengthen civil society and active citizenship and increase the capacity of vulnerable groups. With a total allocation of EUR 46,000,000, the program aims to develop the long-term sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector, intensifying its role in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights while strengthening bilateral relations with donor states Iceland. , Liechtenstein and Norway. For more information about Active Citizens Fund in Romania, please visit For more information on EEA and Norwegian Grants, visit

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