Education and Hope for Ukraine

Education, hope and support for Ukraine

In 2022 the war shifted focus for all of us and showed us injustice at its highest level. Children in Ukraine need protection and education. So we established 3 day centers for refugee minors, where the injustice of war, displacement and trauma from a young age was counterattacked with love, patience, attention and constant efforts for education and integration.

We have been caring for children in vulnerable situations for 32 years. For so long, we have been looking for solutions together with national and international partners and business people so that the good reaches those who need it.


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    3rd week at the Hub


    We started the week unusually with Tuesday instead of Monday, with a holiday followed by the first English classes 📒 Tuesday was all about getting to know each other we met our new teachers, we met all the partners who made it possible to open the Hub - @unicefromania , NRC - @nrc_norway & Biblioteca Naţională a României. 👉Tuesday w...

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    2nd week at the Hub center


    The fun doesn’t stop after the first week! How did we spend week 2?? 🤗✨ At the Youth Hub, the teens enjoyed an afternoon with their new friends☺️, creating lovely figurines out of modeling clay!🤹🎨 This arts and crafts exercise was followed by an entrepreneurial workshop 📚, where the Youth Hub members learned about start...

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    The youth hub center opens!


    We wanted to get to know each other before start the adventure together. We arrived at the Hub feeling anxious.  💭"I didn't really know anyone when I got here! My friends are in Ukraine, not here. When the day was over, I left with phone numbers!" - says the 12-year-old girl, who arrived on the first day with her mother, and t...


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