Partnership for Quality Education in interethnic rural communities

Working together for an inclusive Europe

According to Eurostat, in 2018 Romania ranked again the 1st place in Europe in terms of children at risk of poverty and social exclusion percentage – 38,1% (out of the total population under 18 years). If more than o third of Romanians’ children are living at this moment in poverty, without being able to access educational custom-made services for their needs, even more, being marginalized due to stereotypes and differences in culture, especially  in the case of Roma children, it takes an focused, systematic and supportive intervention, prior their coming of age moment, to acquire basic life skills to succeeded in life. 

The project takes place in 4 disadvantaged interethnic communities – Șotrile and Filipeștii de Târg from Prahova, respectively Coțofănești and Berzunți from Bacau – with the school as the main pillar of the intervention. With the help of 20 trained teachers as Community Educators, will be developed among some interethnic groups of children key-competences, like literacy, personal and social development, entrepreneurial, civic and cultural awareness and expression, etc.

Complementary, 4 mixed teams will be trained in mobilizing the community, through a series of methods of sensibility through art (e.g. socially theater, PhotoVoice, etc.) in witch Rome women and children from each village will be empowered to make their voice heard in an impactful way. Thus, we bring to the attention of the general public the essential need of the Rome community and we will support the groups by mobilizing the community to identify their needs, to create a plan of action and to coagulate their resources to keep developing the 4 communities. The actions of the project will be possible by means of a related partnership between 2 organizations with complementary expertise: Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation and ART Fusion.

The project aim is to develop basics competences that will ensure Rome and Romanians children, coming from disadvantage families, a quality life, by implementing a model of integrated intervention in the 4 ethnic rural communities (Berzunți and Coțofănești, Bacău contry, respectively Filipeștii de Târg and Șotrile, Prahova country).

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Preparation for life activities for 80 Roma and Romanians children through the creation of 4 centers of inclusive activities in 4 ethnic rural communities, development of 5 Community Educators.
  2. Training the capacity of 4 mixed community mobilization teams of 8 people in each of the 4 interethnic rural communities.
  3. Involvement and training of 10 children and 10 Roma women, in a process of awareness through art (eg: social theater, PhotoVoice, etc.), through which they will make their voices heard and bring to the attention of the authorities, the essential needs of the community of Roma from each of the 4 communes



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Supporters / partners

The project is implemented by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation - Apelul Îngerului Român (RAA) in partnership with ART Fusion Association, Coțofănești Secondary School and “Alexandru cel Bun” Secondary School (Bacău County), “Ion Ionescu” Secondary School and “Laurenț Secondary School” Fulga ”(Prahova County), between April 2021 - April 2023 and benefits from a 197,547.62 euros (amount - use a rounded figure) grant from the Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the 2014-2021 EEA Grants. The content of this page does not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021. For more information visit Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at

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