The program Prevention of mother-to-child transmission – intervention in rural areas was implemented in 2004 and 2005 with the goal to carry out efficient activities for education and HIV/AIDS prevention in 12 rural communities, involving local networks of family doctors.

Through this program, family doctors from 12 rural communities benefited from training and were able to write proposals for small grants (for medical supplies). At the same time, they were encouraged to implement, in the rural communities where they work, education and HIV prevention programs among local adult population, especially pregnant women.

The basic principle in running this program was to increase each community’s capacity to identify local characteristics and problems and to find solutions for them, the central issue being HIV prevention using specific and adequate means.


  • Ministry of Health through the General Directorate of Public Health;
  • National Committee for Fight against HIV/AIDS;
  • County authorities for public health from Dolj, Prahova and Giurgiu counties;

The program was financed by World Bank – Development Marketplace 2003.

Program objectives:

  1. to provide necessary support for family physicians to implement at local level programs for HIV prevention and health education;
  2. to inform over 6.000 women from the rural communities involved in the program on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections prevention;
  3. to proper evaluate the existing risk factors in the rural community and to design an adapted plan to reduce them;


· Over 6.000 women of fertile age in the 12 rural communities who received information on HIV prevention. Pregnant women and women with observed HIV related risk factors had access to free HIV testing;

· 24 professionals in the medical field (family physicians and nurses) benefited from assistance, training and consultancy during the entire program from experts in implementing education for health programs. 12 medical offices from the rural communities received medical supplies.

· Over 10.000 general practitioners and family physicians all over the country received CDs and leaflets with case studies from the experience of the 12 communities about initiating, planning and developing a health education program. The IEC materials promote a model of intervention that could be replicated and developed in other rural communities as well.

Program activities:

  • Design of the work methodology and work tools;
  • Evaluation and selection of the rural communities included in the program;
  • Contacting local authorities and local implementation partners;
  • Organizing training sessions for the medical staff in the 12 rural communities;
  • Design, print and distribution of information materials for pregnant women;
  • Provide medical offices with medical supplies;
  • Implementing the program and providing technical assistance and consultancy during the entire period of implementation by the project team;
  • Conducting case studies and disseminating them among family physicians all over the country.

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