The goal of Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation (RAA) is to use its funds for humanitarian purposes, in the benefit of children and young people in need, including those with chronic diseases, HIV/AIDS etc. by offering medical, psychological, social and material support and through developing networks, training courses, research, campaigns and advocacy programs, in partnership with public authorities, private companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals.

To reach its goal, RAA Foundation:

  • Developed multidisciplinary services (medical, social, psychological, educational) and/or specialized ones, including services for family strengthening, in addition to developing various sources of support for its beneficiaries.
  • Developed studies and research programs relevant for its beneficiaries.
  • Implemented information campaigns in various areas – prevention, public health, the fight against stigma and discrimination etc.
  • Developed information and professional qualification resources in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the College of Physicians, universities, institutes etc.
  • Carried out fundraising activities.
  • Financially supported other organizations through donations or funding contracts.
  • Developed partnerships and networks with other organizations in the benefit of RAA’s target group.

RAA grounds its activity on a set of core values:

  • Performance orientation in the projects we run.
  • Integrity in mate selection.
  • Transparency in fund management.
  • Perseverance and consistency in approaching specific problems.
  • Teamwork and valuing each team member.
  • Respect for diversity.
  • Developing abilities that answer directly and comprehensively to the needs of the beneficiaries.

Quality policy statement [RO]

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