The project “MASPA – Measures to promote non-discrimination and social inclusion in schools, community and employment for people with autism, focusing on communities of Roma” started on 8th of April 2015 and has duration within 13 months.

The project is implemented by Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with Iceland Autistic Society – Einverfusamtokin (IAS), the General Directorate of Social Assistance Bucharest (DGASMB), the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Arad and the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Galati.

The project aims to stimulate the development of initiatives to reduce inequalities and prevent social exclusion in schools, community and labor of children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), especially those that are part of the Roma community.

The project’s objectives are:

  1. To develop a study about forms of discrimination among children, youth and adults with ASD, especially Roma, within schools, community or assisted services for labor market
  1. To increase the capacity of applying non-discrimination measures and to promote social inclusion among teachers, among persons working in community services and among persons working in services providing assistance for ASD persons for labor market into 3 counties with large number of ASD persons and significant roma percentage. To implement the recommendations from the study and tests the toolkits developed application
  1. Increase the awareness of staff in the field of education, community services and services providing assistance for ASD persons for labor market across country, and other stakeholders by conducting an information campaign promoting the results and toolkits in use, within a national conference.

What we do?

Main activities:

  • We make a Study concerning the discrimination and social exclusion of children and young people with autism, especially of those being roma, in schools, community and labor market
  • Based on the results of the Study, we develop toolkits with recommendations and action tools
  • We test the applicability of those toolkits into 3 counties (Arad, Galati, Bucharest)
  • We train 240 professionals in toolkits application (150 teachers, 60 social workers, 30 employees from the services providing assistance for ASD persons for labor market)
  • We create informal groups of stakeholders to formulate recommendations in order to ensure the transition from school to adult life (in Bucharest, Arad and Galati).

The project’s total eligible amount: 1,270,745 lei, of which 1,143,221 lei grant and 127,524 lei co-financing.

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