Parents of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are the most affected by the radical change of life from the day when a family member gets diagnosed. Frustration due to communication difficulties and lack of emotional connection with the person with autism, anxiety that starts right at the first suspicion of disease, are reinforced now by the certainty that autism remains in the family forever. Coping with the needs of the person with ASD becomes a way of life, in order to help the person with autism to adapt themselves to the social rules that govern the existence of typical people.

The parent’s efforts to identify therapies and therapists for their children with autism to help them acquire social function and integrate in schools are huge. On the other side, specialized infrastructure in Romania is still poor and the typical people’s attitude is rather hostile.

Parents and family (brothers, sisters, grandparents) of children with autism need special support to cope with the disease and to help their children to recover.


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