Autism is a severe disorder of development, of neuro-biological nature, that manifests either at birth, or at the age of 18-24 months of the child. Given the specific of the disorder, the autistic people, irrelevant of the age they have, they show special needs that require individualized treatment. In the absence of therapeutic intervention, the severity of the disorder is modified in time.

In Romania, at the level of 2012, 7,179 people were declared to be diagnosed with autism(according to the Health Minister ) but the real number is much higher, most of them not being in the official recording. The incidence of autism is by 1/88 individuals, according to a study published in 2012 by The Center for Disorders Control from Atlanta , USA, and for our country, specialists estimate at least 15.000 persons with autism. Studies and the experience of international profile organizations show that early diagnostic, at the age of 18-36 months, specialized interventions and social integration increase up to 47% the chances of the people with autism to acquire abilities for independent life, according to the study published by Ivar Lovaas, UCLA, 1987.

At the given moment, in our country, family doctors, pediatricians, and psychiatrists still have difficulties in early diagnostic, the number of specialists in recovery therapies is still very reduced, and the assistance infrastructure and intervention is insufficient.

Also, the integration of children with autism in school can be done, only exceptionally, despite a Law of inclusive education.

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