The project started on August 1, 2013 and aims to integrate interventions and methodologies applied ( IMA ) innovative and effective , proposed by non-governmental organizations in public policies formulated for the period 2015-2020 , on social services for persons autism spectrum disorder in Romania and also empowering advocacy NGO promoting the rights of persons with autism.

Romanian Angel Appeal reels off this project in partnership with Federation for Rights and Recources for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (FEDRA), an organization that reunites 19 associations of parents of children with autism from all over the country, or associations that protects the rights of children with autism.

The general objective of the project is represented by the integration of some efficient and innovative IMA proposed by non-guvernamental organizations in the public policies formulated for the period 2015 – 2020 regarding social services for people with ASD in Romania.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • Raising makers in the field of social services by publicizing the importance of adopting innovative and effective IMA and facilitating dialogue with representatives of civil society and professional associations , at a conference organized within “12” months of starting the project, for about 180 participants.
  • O2. Improvement, in „24” months from the start of the project  of the capacities of 20 non-guvernamental organizations ( FEDRA member organizations to plan and organize advocacy campaigns for adopting innovatice and efficient IMA, in social services destined for ASD people in Romania.)
  • Promoting, until the end of the project, a public policy for integrating some innovative and efficient IMA, in social public services for people with ASD.

Among the principal activities of the project for reaching the objectives are:

  • Situation evaluation, in desk research system ( the analys of a current situation in a different situation)
  • Study visits to Switzerland, UK , Finland and Norway , by a delegation consisting of representatives of Romanian public authorities and NGOs.
  • An elaboration of a report on the innovative IMA effectively used for social integration of people with ASD ( situation in Romania , the situation in the 4 European countries ; mapping the social services among people with ASD in our country )
  • The development of a feasibility study and the elaboration of a report, regarding the viability of innovative IMA implementation in social Romanian services destined for people with ASD.
  • The elaboration of a proposal of a public policy and forwarding it to choice factors.
  • Planning a course of advocacy campaigns for representatives of 20 NGOs in order to develop their capacity to promote the rights of persons with autism.
  • Development of an organizational strategy of the ERDF ( including plan of action for a period of 2 years).
  • Conducting two public information campaigns on the importance of implementing interventions and methodologies applied innovative and effective among social services for people with autism.

The principal expected results:

  • 80 % of representatives of choice factors from public authorities attended the conference dissemination says IMA integration of innovative and effective social services in Romania is required.
  • 20 non-guvernamental organizations ( members and non-members FEDRA ) developed planning and organizing advocacy campaigns regarding social integration of ASD people.
  • Organizational strategy of FEDRA adopted by members.
  • A document of public policy to mention innovative and efficient IMA for social integration of children with ASD, forwarded to public authorities with social integration of children with ASD.

The project “Together we are a voice” has a course period of three years.
The total cost of the project is 224.310 CHF , which represents 201.879 CHF and 24.995 CHF is co-financing contribution of RAA Foundation and the ERDF.

The project is co – funded by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union .
More details about Swiss- Romanian Cooperation Programme here.

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