The campaign has been reeled off during November 2008-April 2009 and it was the first wide campaign of awareness of population and choice factors, upon autism and on the problems encountered by ASD people from Romania.


  • Informing the press and the wide audience regarding autism, focusing on children’s chances of recovery, if the diagnostic and the intervention have been realized early.
  • Building and strenghtning awareness regarding autism and children’s needs with autism from Romania.
  • Fund raising, for start for 20 families with children diagnosed with autism that were in need to start or to continue ABA therapy.


Activities and results

  • Were translated, printed and disseminated informational posters for CMI offices and brochure Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders ( asdsa )
  • It was built and launched informative website for parents of children with autism and the general public. The site made up also for online fundraising platform
  • It was carried out a sustained campaign of audiovisual communication : – Press releases and informative articles on , , and Freedom , newspaper , Jurnalul National , Adevarul Health Store , Tabu , Tango, Prevention , Super Baby , Mommy, Glamour , Felicia
  • TV Spot of awareness, and including testimonials from parents of children with autism over the main television channels – Photo exhibition at the library bookstores, including photos of 20 children with autism for whom action was initiated fundraising
  • – Photo shows itinerant in companies aiming to raise funds through donations or simple payroll
  • Event for the general public, in order to celebrate April 2, World Autism Awareness Day.

The campaign “Together We beat Autism”, that Romanian Angeal Appeal reeled it off in partnership with the Foundation for Civil Society Development, was the first awareness campaign on autism, done at the moment in Romania.

As a follow-up of this campaign, the Association “Beating Autism” was borne, founder member of the Federation for Rights and Resources for People with ASD again in 2010, a law project for people with autism has been initiated and adopted – Law 151/10.07.2010 on health integrated specialized services, on education and social, addressed to people with ASD, and associated mental disorders.

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