Started on August 1 2014 and managed by the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology in partnership with the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation and the Center for Health Policies and Services.

Program dedicated to the professional and social reintegration of people affected by tuberculosis

In Romania, every day 55 people with TB are diagnosed and 4 people die of this disease. Worldwide, tuberculosis kills and incapacitates more young people than any other infectious disease. Of the affected people, 80% are fit for work – they are between 15 and 45 years, according to the epidemiological reports provided by the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumophysiology, in Bucharest.

An appropriate treatment coupled with adequate social and psychological support, counseling and professional guidance for tuberculosis patients as well as national awareness and stigmatization campaigns could save Romania from a real public health nightmare and make former TB patients healthy and active people.

“The program dedicated to the professional and social reintegration of people affected by tuberculosis”, launched by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with Millenium Image & Communication Group, aims to set up special psychosocial, counseling and professional guidance services for people affected by tuberculosis, thus providing models of good practice, but also to properly inform the general public about tuberculosis and to reduce the degree of discrimination and stigma against people with tuberculosis through a national campaign.

Overall objective of the project: to facilitate access to employment for people affected by tuberculosis and at socio-economic risk, through access to vocational training and integration / reintegration and guidance in order to identify individualized job offers and counseling services, social and psychological support.

·         Specific objectives:
•    To create, for the first time in Romania, a model of good practice for integrated multidisciplinary support services (medical, social and psychological) for TB patients, in a holistic and early approach of the social and professional integration needs for such persons;
•    To facilitate the access to professional integration of people affected by TB, through psychosocial counseling, and social support for their dependents and free qualification/ requalification courses;
•    To organize a national awareness campaign among the general population about the risks of TB and to reduce stigma and discrimination of people affected by TB.

·         Main activities:
•    Development of multidisciplinary care services in four regions of the country;
•    1000 social surveys to be conducted among people affected by TB and 1000 individualized intervention plans to be implemented;
•    Psycho-social support to be provided within the multidisciplinary services, for 1000 people affected by TB;
•    Financial support during treatment for 1,000 patients and family members;
•    Counseling / orientation for access on the labor market for 500 people affected by TB and training / qualification/ requalification for 150 people affected, including subsidies for the entire period of training;
•    A national information campaign targeting the general population about the risk of developing TB as well as to reduce stigma and discrimination of people with tuberculosis.

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