Romania ranks first in the EU in terms of the number of people diagnosed annually with tuberculosis. The involvement of civil society in TB control has proved effective in other countries. For this reason, the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, together with its partners, aims to involve in the fight against TB other civil society and non-governmental organizations.

For this we provide you with a series of nine guidelines, representing a collection of information, ideas, resources, case studies and similar projects.

Below are all available resources for consultation and download.


Where we find out why and how the civil society organizations can be involved in the fight against tuberculosis. (download)


Needs assessment.

Whatever we do, we need to understand what the assess the needs of a community is and why it is needed. (download)


Active identification of TB.

Or how we can help diagnose as many people as possible. (download)



That’s what, who, when, and how we transmit information about tuberculosis. (download)


Patient adherence to treatment.

Where it shows how we help patients to keep their motivation to complete the treatment. (download)


Quality of life.

Tuberculosis affects the patient’s life, we can change it for the better. (download)


Psycho-social support.

Or how to do what we know best: to support a person in difficulty. (download)


Funding sources.

We know what we can do, but do we know how much it costs and, especially, what sources of funding do we have?  (download)



We must constantly remind local and central authorities that they have a decisive role in the fight against tuberculosis. (download)

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