Funny Learning 5PM started in May 2004 and was implemented for almost a year, until april 2005. It represented, first and foremost, an innovative a friendly way of approaching HIV/AIDS. It was a multimedia educational product, basically a virtual city which, when visited, provided the opportunity to find general and specific information about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and family planning, drug use prevention and drug use associated risks as well as fight against discrimination and social marginalization of people living with HIV/AIDS. All this information was presented in an interactive and attractive manner, using a language and a design as close as possible to the specific culture of the target group.

The educational module was available online and through 10.000 CDs that proved successful among young people. The information interactive scenes were completed with 5 games on subjects related to HIV/ADS, drug abuse etc. one of the most attractive sections was the one offering prizes – Playground.

The project activities included:

conception, design, implementation of the multimedia educational product;

initiation, organization and coordination of a promotional campaign at local and national level;

  • distribution of promotional merchandise and prizes to the people who took part in the online events organized;

5PM was developed by Romanian Angel Appeal together with Popcorn Magazine that ensured project promotion and distribution of 7.000 CDs. The main sponsors were Vodafone Foundation through Elton John AIDS Foundation – UK.

5PM Project had the following objectives:

  • to provide information on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives and family planning as well as on drug use prevention among young people, by using interactive means and educational solutions, modern and efficient from as compared to the costs involved;
  • to promote non-discriminatory attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS among young people in Romania;

The beneficiaries of this project were young people from 16 Romanian counties as well as everybody who accessed the site of the project.

For more information on the project and its results, please go to

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