First Bebe represents a new course package that Romanian Angel Appeal offers to parents with their first baby on the way but also to the grandparents that wish to be updated with the latest caring techniques of the new born.

First Bebe promotes the healthy pregnancy concept and trains the young parents to become more informed and prepared regarding the evolution and health of the pregnancy, the birth process and breast feeding, nursing techniques of the new-born and preparing for the needs of the new-born, like the legal benefits given to our family, after birth.
Courses are held by a team of specialists (doctors, medical assistants, midwives).

Pentru parintii foarte ocupati, care nu reusesc sa frecventeze cursurile de instruire, Fundatia Romanian Angel Appeal a pregatit doua materiale informative cu privire la o sarcina si o nastere sanatoase :

For busy parents that don’t manage to attend the training courses, RAA prepared 2 info materials regarding a pregnancy and healthy birth:

DVD Pregnancy Diary

DVD Birth

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