“First Baby” project was launched in November 2007 and aims to provide families expecting their first baby with practical information, in a friendly manner, related to pregnancy, birth and newborn and baby care.

The project is still running and has as beneficiaries not only future mothers but the whole family, thus encouraging participation and implication from the partner to courses, so that later he can assume a more active role in caring for the newborn.

Most of the women attending the courses are at their first child, are pregnant or have just given birth, active women who want more practical and better structured information than what they can get from the media.

The interactive nature of the courses was also very welcomed by the future or newly moms as they had the opportunity to ask questions to the physicians and clarifications concerning pregnancy evolution, childbirth and newborn care.

The lecturers holding “First Baby” courses are professionals in the medical field (gynecologists, neonatologists, podiatrists, midwives, nurses etc) as well as psychologists and social workers who can provide, along with specialized information, details related to legislation, psychology of the pregnant and post-partum woman etc.

Moreover, during the courses, aside from clarifications and practical demonstrations provided by the lecturers, the participants receive information from video materials, books, specialized magazines, all easily accessible in our library.

The project had a preparation period of 6 months which included planning and designing the promotion campaign developed through specialized magazines, web sites for mother and child, medical cabinets, radio ads, partner maternities as well as procuring and producing the materials from the information center.

The success of this project, seen by many as innovative and extremely useful, can be measured firstly in the high number of people who took the “First Baby” courses.

For the moment, the courses are organized in Bucharest only, at the RAA office, but following requests, we plan to extend and develop the project to other cities as well.

Testimonials from the participants:

“I attended only one such meeting while being pregnant, during a fair. Interesting but insufficient. There has to be a continuous program during pregnancy with information on both pregnancy and childbirth and about newborn and infant care.”

(Dana, 32, mother of Horia Alexandru, 12 months)

“Talking to friends who already have children helped me be both informed and psychologically ready but, unfortunately, apart from discussion forums, there is no other opportunity to learn together, to support young parents or single mothers. During pregnancy I was thinking with envy about a friend of mine from Slovakia who developed a network of mothers’ centers.”

(Romania, 30, mother of Vlad, 9 months)

For more information on the project please access www.firstbebe.ro!

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