The Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation organizes the 4th edition of the Days of the Beautiful Days Film Festival on 1-3 April 2018. The event hosted by Apollo 111 marks the International Day of Autism Awareness and is carried out with the support of Novaintermed and the General Directorate for Social Assistance in Bucharest.

On this edition will be screened three exciting movies with strong characters reflecting the difficulties and problematic situations daily faced by autistic people and their families daily.

By watching these movies, the audience will have the opportunity to find out how different and overwhelming may look the world around for the people with autism, but also how surprising, novel and creative are the solutions they find in any situation.

The list and schedule of movies:

  • The Accountant, 2016 (director Gavin O’Connor) – Sunday, April 1st
  • Life Animated, 2016 (director Roger Ross Williams) – Monday, April 2nd
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, 2011 (directed by Stephen Daldry) – Tuesday, April 3rd

We welcome you every day from 18:30 to the Apollo 111 Theater (address: Palatul Universul 23-25, ​​Actor Ion Brezoianu Street). The movies will run from 19:00.

The entrance is free, within the limits of the available places. To book a place, we invite you to complete the following form:

The Accountant, 2016 (director Gavin O’Connor) - 1st AprilLife Animated, 2016 (director Roger Ross Williams) - 2nd AprilExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close, 2011 (director Stephen Daldry) - 3rd April

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About Movies

The event will be debuting on Sunday, April 1st, with the screening of The Accountant. An exciting and action-packed movie that will keep the audience engaged. It will make the public aware of the potential that people with autism may have in different areas such as financial (accounting and mathematical analysis) or practice of self-defense techniques.

The next movie, Life Animated, will be on Monday, April 2nd. An animated documentary, a story about heroes and autism that portrays the story of Owen Susking – who has fought with autism and learned how to understand and communicate with the surrounding world through Disney universe characters.

The last film of the festival will be presented to the public on Tuesday, April 3rd. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close presents the story of Oskar, a 9-year-old child suffering from Asperger syndrome who lost his father in the tragic September 11th attack from the World Trade Center. Grieving about the loss suffered, he leaves home in an adventure through New York, trying to decipher a mysterious message left by his father.

This year’s movies are highly acclaimed and award-winning productions at important festivals: The Accountant – Nominated as the best thriller in the Academy of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film, USA; Life Animated -documentary- Oscar nominee and winner of numerous film festivals such as Annie Awards, Berkshire International Film; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Oscar nominee and winner of the AARP Movies for Grownups Awards and BET Awards.

April 2 marks the International Day of Autism Awareness, established by the United Nations since September 9, 1989. Globally, around this date, organizations that promote, support and fight for the cause of people with autistic spectrum disorders, organizes events aimed at highlighting the problem of autism and at the same time to stimulate the increase of social inclusion of people with autism.

About previous editions:

  • In 2017, we presented four special films that illustrate the difficulties of autism: Normal Autistic Film, 2016 (director Miroslav Janek); Autism in Love, 2015 (directed by Matt Fuller); Jack of the Red Hearts, 2015 (directed by Janet Grillo); The Story of Luke, 2012 (director Alonso Mayo).
  • In 2016 we offered the audience three impressive films: A beautiful young mind, 2014 (director Morgan Matthews); Extremely loud and incredibly close, 2011 (directed by Stephen Daldry); Fly away, 2011 (directed by Janet Grillo).
  • In 2015 we presented to the audience three other special, award-winning films: Rain Man, 1988 (directed by Barry Levinson); Temple Grandin, 2010 (Mick Jackson region); A horse on the balcony, 2012 (director Hüseyin Tabak).

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