We’ve been active for over 20 years, providing medical, psychological, social and material aid to people with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, developing service networks for people with autism, organizing training courses and conducting research projects, campaigns and advocacy programs, together with governmental institutions, NGOs and private businesses.

If the lives of vulnerable children and young people affected by chronic diseases and at risk of social exclusion is a little better today, we are happy to know that they carry a piece of the Romanian Angel Appeal team’s souls.

We were born as a humanitarian aid organisation

Our story began more than 20 years ago, in 1990, when the first images from Romanian orphanages were horrifying the whole world. Under the powerful impression made by the conditions in which the chronically ill children lived abandoned in institutions, Olivia Harrison founded the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation and brought the first humanitarian aid for Romanian orphanages. George Harrison’s wife thus sounded the alarm signal and mobilised the international artist community, funds and volunteers, for the ill and institutionalised children in Romania.
In Bucharest, a handful of good-hearted, dedicated and well-trained people (doctors, sociologists, nurses) helped the founding members and the international community to renovate Romanian orphanages, managing the funds, identifying people, talking, negotiating, persuading. They were the heart of the foundation which is today just as alive and active for Romania’s children and adults in need.

We want to do more

Behind the walls of the orphanages renovated with funds from Europe and the United States we discovered a whole community of people in pain, children and young people affected by chronic diseases, for whom we wanted to do more. This is how we set our mission.
We wrote projects, signed partnerships and continued to raise funds, focusing our work and attention on disadvantaged children, children living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or autism, victims of social exclusion.
And we wanted to make everything we did for them sustainable. Therefore we persuaded strategic partners to join us: ministries, and child protection authorities, international organizations.

A part of our team’s soul is in the improved life of disadvantaged children and young people

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