🤝🏼Partnership for quality education in rural interethnic communities

The teachers enrolled in the project from the “Ion Ionescu” Secondary School, one of the partner schools, recently involved the students in the first activity from a series of at least 24 that will take place during the project.

As the pandemic context did not allow for the normal development of school activities, in the classroom, the students, together with their teachers, carried out the activity in the online environment.

“Who do we learn from?” was the activity carried out, after which the students assimilated the experiences of the characters assigned to them, were able to share feelings and emotions, appreciated each other, learned to listen, both actively, worked in a team, communicating effectively and taking common decisions.

The games and tasks proposed in the activity developed students’ cooperation skills, stimulated relationships between group members, and empathy with the various characters assigned taught the children to take on different roles inspired by everyday school life. and from the community.

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📌 The project is carried out by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with ART Fusion Association and Coțofănești Secondary Schools, “Alexandru cel Bun”, “Ion Ionescu” and “Laurențiu Fulga”, with the support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021 The total budget of the Project is 197,547.62 euros.

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