The Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, in partnership with the “Marius Nasta” Institute, has launched an open and free e-learning course – Adherence to tuberculosis treatment from concept to practice – the only online course in Romania dealing with the themes of the necessary knowledge and techniques to increase adherence to antituberculosis treatment.

The course is a useful introduction to all professional medical and non-medical categories involved in the care and support of people affected by TB in the community: family doctors and nurses, but also social workers, psychologists, community nurses, health mediators or even people of the general population.

Those attending this course have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills designed to facilitate the process of assisting tuberculosis patients in the long and difficult period of treatment. One of the main strengths of the course is that these knowledge and skills can be useful to community nurses, social workers and psychologists working with patients with all of the chronic illnesses, not only tuberculosis patients.

The course can be completed in about two hours and in the end the learners will have a test of the acquired knowledge in the form of a questionnaire with grid questions. After completing the program the learners receive a diploma in electronic format. This course is under accreditation process by the College of Physicians in Romania.

The course was created on the basis of the combined professional experience of specialists from three areas: medicine, social assistance and psychology. Based on both her studies and her own experience of interacting with chronically ill people, Iuliana Copil (Social Assistant, Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation), Dr. Beatrice Mahler (Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumophysiology) and Anamaria Papahagi (psychologist ) see this as a common denominator in the development of support services for community tuberculosis patients.

The Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation coordinates the implementation of the program “Reducing TB burden in Romania by reforming the control system and strengthening treatment-resistant TB management by ensuring universal access to diagnosis and treatment and addressing the needs of people at risk” (ROU-T-RAA 679) funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria as Principal Recipient (PR) for Romania. The program is in line with the objectives of the National Tuberculosis Control Strategy 2015-2020 (SNCT) and one of the directions of action is to strengthen the capacity of outpatient care services.

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