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The students from Berzunți, coordinated by their teachers, continue the activities within the project. Recently, there were 2 more activities in which the children learned about the trades of the past and the specific occupations of the inhabitants of the commune, as well as about the importance of December 1st.

“What have they done in the past?” What are we doing today? ” it was an activity about the trades of the past and the basic occupations of the inhabitants of Berzunți commune. The students, together with the teachers, discussed, informed themselves and viewed images about the trades practiced by the Roma in the past and what they do today, about what the other inhabitants work and have worked.

They talked about the popular craftsman Tache Vrînceanu and his passions. The students were delighted to build a bridge between the past and the present of the occupations of their ancestors and their parents.

The second activity, “How do you see your country? How do you color it? ” had as main objective the awareness of the importance of December 1st for us, Romanians. The students colored, completed puzzles, sang and danced, marking, in a fun and good mood note, the National Day of Romania.

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📌The project is carried out by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with ART Fusion Association and Coțofănești Secondary Schools, “Alexandru cel Bun”, “Ion Ionescu” and “Laurențiu Fulga”, with the support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021 The total budget of the Project is 197,547.62 euros.

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