Parenting and Babysitter Courses

Starting Fall 2013, Romanian Angel Appeal offers education and professional training in nursing and educating the child, after a standard model of instruction, and also guidance in monitoring and evaluation of nursing services at home for the child.

Beginning from the necessities that we discovered among young people and children at the age of kindergarten but also among the recruitment agencies of babysitters, we developed 3 service packages that cover various arias of needs.

Parenting courses addressed to parents that wish to improve nursing abilities of the child, according to the latest and modern methods.
Initiation and qualification courses for nanny or babysitter position addressed to women with free time,  that wish to obtain a paid job in Romania or in other EU countries.

Specialized guidance addressed to recruitment agencies and placement of the nursing personnel at home of the child, on the training of the selected persons, monitoring and evaluation of the their activity in the placed families.

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