The project has as main objective to facilitate the access on the labor market for young people living with HIV/AIDS through adequate activities for professional training and vocational counseling carried out by a team of professionals.

Recent studies show that over 80% of Romanians show some form of discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. An important proportion of respondents also believe that HIV positive people, including children and teenagers, should not be integrated into the mass education system in order to prevent transmission.

This attitude can have dramatic consequences on both education and social and professional integration of young people living with HIV/AIDS. Since the lack of education is associated with lack of competencies and practical abilities, the access to labor market of young people living with HIV/AIDS is limited.

The project aims to facilitate the access to training and development of such abilities that will allow the young people to get a job, in accordance with both their abilities and desires. Building a career in any field of interest, team acceptance and integration, recognition from co-workers and employer, all these were targets that the young people could only identify after receiving support from RAA.

The implementation and development of the project are carried out by Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with UNICEF Romania and with support from organizations and associations active in the field of HIV/AIDS.

The objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

· To increase professional competencies for 20 HIV positive young people through a 8 months long internship in a non-governmental organization; this will include practical and theoretical training and assessment of current job opportunities;

· To facilitate HIV positive young people’s integration on the labor market by registering 60 beneficiaries aged over 18 to professional training courses organized in partnership with local agencies for labor;

· To advocate for the young people included in the project to more than 200 employers, as available work force, through meetings organized with representatives of public institutions, human resources recruitment agencies / offices, business unions and companies.

· To conduct a study that provides necessary information to improve national policies for social and professional integration of young people living with HIV/AIDS by indentifying barriers that stay in the way of their social and professional inclusion. The results of this study will be used at a later stage by governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

The project beneficiaries are 80 young people living with HIV/AIDS from Bucharest, Timisoara, Bacau and Resita. The 20 young people selected from Bucharest worked as interns for Romanian Angel Appeal while the other 60 had the opportunity to take professional training courses in accordance with their abilities and the specific offer on the labor market.

The study about the professional integration of young people living with HIV/AIDS and its results were published in 200 copies which were distributed to interested stakeholders.

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