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At Valea Călugărească, the students of the “Ion Ionescu” Gymnasium School carried out, together with the teachers, 2 more activities scheduled within the project.

What could be more beautiful than a journey into self-knowledge and the discovery of emotional influences in order to bring about a lasting change in behavior? Through the activity “Who am I? Who are we? ”, The students developed a“ tree of tolerance ”through which they could get to know each other better, meditate on the emotion they feel at a certain moment and how it can be controlled, eventually leading to mastery of sine. The students got to know each other during the proposed games and also discovered that they have common tastes, gestures, habits, but they are unique and different in their own way, developing a sense of confidence and optimism.


“I know how to do it too!” it was an interactive activity that facilitated and stimulated non-formal learning. The experiments presented aroused curiosity and exploration of things around them, and the active involvement of students was the highlight. The most surprising experiment was the introduction of an egg into an Erlenmeyer flask, proving that it is not magic, but the laws of physics do their job. The children inflated balloons with the help of gas eliminated by combining baking soda with vinegar and of course joined their surface tension forces in the experiment with water, pepper and liquid soap.

As the water molecules form chemical bonds and the students formed stable bonds in the activity, discovering through experiment a real educational tool.


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📌 The project is carried out by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with ART Fusion Association and Coțofănești Secondary Schools, “Alexandru cel Bun”, “Ion Ionescu” and “Laurențiu Fulga”, with the support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021 The total budget of the Project is 197,547.62 euros.

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