We started the week unusually with Tuesday instead of Monday, with a holiday followed by the first English classes 📒

Tuesday was all about getting to know each other we met our new teachers, we met all the partners who made it possible to open the Hub – @unicefromania , NRC – @nrc_norway & Biblioteca Naţională a României. 👉Tuesday we met new friends, asked questions, got curious, and then made music from our bodies alongside Jean and then got our bodies dancing together with Luis💕

Thursday was all about emotions 😸. We don’t necessarily have to talk about them to find a way to express them. 🌼 Ana showed us that in teams, we can use colors, creativity and empathy to give these emotions a shape that those around us can understand. That’s after learning our first words in Romanian earlier 🤭.

Joining us are volunteers, some of them our age. Every week we find more and more things that we are similar in 🕵️🕵️‍♂️

Next week, we hunt for treasures together.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce81t4yKagv/

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