Our colleagues, Adelaide and Nicoleta run for education and health. Both they and us, the rest of the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation team, believe that education and health are essential to the future of our children and also to our future and they are interdependent. We believe that health education should start as early as possible and should focus primarily on rural schools.

Together with a beautiful and young team of high school volunteers with whom we want to continue working, offering them courses, mentoring and the confidence that they can think about projects and can work with other children and young people.

We will go along with them in rural communities, in educational institutions to talk about health, education, and the importance of setting goals in life. We will start with some rural communities in Prahova and we will address children in primary and secondary schools.

This is the idea and core of the project “Young volunteers talking to children about health””Young volunteers talking to children about health” –  to fund the project, Adelaide & Nicoleta headed for the Half Marathon of Sable Fuerteventura, where they will travel 120 km with the home on their shoulders and the wind in the hair.

We will discuss about:

  • the importance of physical and oral hygiene
  • the importance of movement and physical education in the growth and health of children
  • sexual education, focusing on measures to prevent sexually transmitted infections
  • importance of education
  • the need for personal fulfillment, the road and the effort made to achieve this goal

We started running at the age at which other runners left the sport.

After we having tasted the beauty of the desert and thinking about sleeping on the top of the dune, we discovered the mountain running, which leaves you breathless after you have been hiking for a few hours in the trees just to take a mouth of beauty without words on the crest and then start running through the roots, down the valley.

We run for education and health, two of the things we believe in, for which it is worth fighting and raising funds.

Support us & follow us and we’ll send you a thank-you photo from the desert!

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