1 December 2013 marks the 25-th World AIDS Day. EuroCoord – European network of HIV/AIDS cohort studies to coordinate at European and International level clinical research on HIV/AIDS – the research network that the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation is a part of, launched a message of support, stressing that World AIDS Day is an opportunity for everybody to show support for people living with HIV/AIDS and to unite in the fight against HIV.

The EuroCoord message is also meant to raise the awareness worldwide about HIV/AIDS and the entire range of difficulties associated with the disease, emphasizing that the network will keep on pushing HIV/AIDS at the top of the European research agenda, throughout the year.

More than 2.3 million people currently live with HIV in Europe and an estimate of 35 million people worldwide are HIV positive. Over 25 million people have died because of the virus between 1981 and 2007, thus making AIDS one of the most destructive pandemics in history.

World AIDS Day is a good opportunity to remind the general population and the governments that, although important improvements have been made, several challenges in HIV prevention, management and treatment remain, which are now complicated by an altered economic climate

EuroCoord has brought together the biggest HIV research collaborations in Europe to establish the biggest dataset of HIV positive adults and children in the world. The EuroCoord researchers use this rich source of information to definitively answer questions that could not be addressed through single studies alone.
Since EuroCoord was established in 2011, over 60 research papers addressing these key questions in HIV research have been published from members of the network.

More details in the EuroCoord message.

More details about RAA Foundation’s work within EuroCoord, here.

More details about RAA Foundation’s work against HIV/AIDS in Romania, here.

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